Qui Vive 1964 Wesco Victory 21 #399

or what can you do to customize your Victory....

Professor Dumbledore impresses us with a feat of legerdemain:

Actually, Owner Walt Taylor shows us the nicest boat bottom we've ever seen.

Aft Compartment 
Aft Hatch with solar vent 
Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Aft Compartment Plumbing Installation & Sea Cock
Battery Compartment One
Battery Compartment Two
Instrument Control Panel
Cabin Bilge Pump
Cockpit Bilge Pump 
Cockpit Pump Installation
Cabin Electrical Buss
Cabin Top Electrical
Port-Port light & Navigation Light
Cabin Interior 
Port Light
Bilge Pick Up FWD
Cabin Top and Backing Plates
Companion Way Hatch & Starboard Side Facing FWD
Fire Extinguisher & Flare Kit Installation
On The Water
Port & Starboard Cabin Equipment Drawer Installation
Trailer Photos