The Victory 21
Photo Gallery

The Above photo is from The Rudder October 1960 page 31 showing original builder  Hank McCune aboard hull 34.

Small Fleet
A Small Fleet of Victories Sails in San Diego Bay
David Allocco's Victory 21 'On the Wind'  Victory 21 'On the Wind' to the left

To the right is a Rainbow 24 for comparison. They are larger and have a different keel, but they are remarkably similar. The Rainbows were designed for the Annapolis sailing school by Sparkman and Stevens so the similarities are not apparently due to being a variation of a design by Ted Carpenter.

A Rainbow 24 for 
An Aurora 21 located in Moss Landing, California To the left is another boat for comparison. This is an Aurora 21. This particular boat was photographed in Moss Landing, California by J. Sukarno Mertoguno who was thinking about buying it, although he eventually chose a Cal-21 instead. The Aurora 21 shares the same hull as the Victory and is not very different on the topsides.
To the right is a photograph of (formerly) Ed Pearson's Victory 21 #427 "Pteropod. The photograph shows the bulb keel option. You can also see what Ed refers to as a lifeguard's nose paintjob on the bow. Ed Pearson's Victory 21 #427
Docked Victories
Docked Victory 21's at the Convair Sailing Club in San Diego (above). Compare the cockpit coaming and cabin entranceway of these newer Victories to Ed Pearson's older Victory 21 below. Note the open cuddy cabin without hatch. You can also see the hoisting sling assembly Ed uses to launch his Victory.
Cockpit view of #427
Hulled Victory 21's circa 1968 To the left is a photograph of three Victory 21's taken at the Convair Sailing club in about 1968. The red hull is a very interesting color scheme.
How about hull number 5 here with an appropriate comment in the background.  Take a look at the old style insignia on the main.

The photo below is from a commercial source.  It is one of those pre-frames pictures you can buy to hang on your walls.  It also appears on Capri Victory 21 sales brochures.

Victory 21 #634 of the Convair Sailing Club.  Victory 21 #634
Victory 21 #611 Victory 21 #611 of the Convair Sailing Club. 
Victory 21 #647 and Pierson 23 of the Convair Sailing Club.  Victory 21 #647 and Pierson 23
Victory 21 #633 with j24 Near Shore Victory 21 #633 of the Convair Sailing Club with a j24. 
Victory 21 #608 of the Mission Bay Yacht Club.  Victory 21 #608 Near Shore
Victory 21 #608 on Evening Sea Victory 21 #608 of the Mission Bay Yacht Club on Evening Sea.