Victory 21 Sailing Instruction

A few people have written to ask: "How do I rig and sail my Victory 21?"

The best recomendation I have at present (although I hope perhaps there may be other recommendations forthcoming) is to buy a copy of the video "Sailing with Confidence" by Bud Foulke. This video is a ninety minute, three part instructional video produced by the Lake George Sailing School which covers every aspect needed for the beginning sailor. It is approved by the National Something or other Organization (I've got to look that up again) as meeting the requirements for basic keelboat instruction.

It is particular useful for Victory 21 sailors as it uses, well not Victories, but Rainbow 24's. The Rainbow was designed by Sparkman and Stephens for use as a sailing instruction boat for the Naval Academy. It also happens to look almost exactly like a Victory 21, and it is rigged and sailed the same. The few variations are slight and would not even be the same from boat to boat if any kind of tinkering had been done. Basically, you might as well pretend its a Victory....

On an aside note, I wrote to Sparkman and Stephens about the similarities, but they said they knew of no connection between the two boats. The Sparkman and Stephens Club of England said they felt it was simply a matter of similar sized boats designed in similar times.

Anyway, a little research had lead me to discover that the "Sailing with Confidence" video is still available through, among other sources, .

Here is the video link...

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