The Aurora 21


The Aurora 21 shares the hull of the Victory 21 with a slightly modified topsides and sail plan.  It is the lesser known of the two boats and unfortunately often let go beyond the point of restoration.

Brian and Jan Evans
1964 Aurora 21 #2
Convair Sailing Club
San Diego, California


This picture quite clearly shows the cast iron bulb that these boats were fitted with. Another point of interest not shown here is that the mainsail has 11sq feet less area than the victory. The main is the same height but the boom is only 9 feet long although some boats have been fitted with a standard victory boom so they can set victory main sails for racing with the victory fleet.

Paul Van Dyke sailing his
1968 Wesco Marine Aurora 21 #19 "Windwalker"
Lake Macatowa
Holland, Michigan



To the left is another beautifully restored Aurora.